Why Diets Keep Failing You

Diets, they are all the rage right? Walk into any bookstore, browse Google, and spend anytime on social media and you will find no shortage of diet options. Some allow you to eat just about everything, some eliminate whole food groups, some only let you eat carrots and organic unicorn horns. Diets are by natureContinue reading “Why Diets Keep Failing You”


Should I Eat Carbs?

With the carbophobia craze in full effect and the keto diet stronger than ever should we eat carbs? Well as we talked about my last blog, yes you should…..as long as they are the right carbs. So what exactly are the right carbs? Well for starters you want to avoid any carbs containing white flour,Continue reading “Should I Eat Carbs?”

Let’s Talk Carbs and Keto

  It’s a bird…..it’s a plane…….it’s a carb!!!! There is a lot of hatred/fear towards carbohydrates these days and I hope to clear up maybe some misconceptions with them. The Keto diet is all the rage right now and many are avoiding carbs like the plague, as if the carbs will attack them in theirContinue reading “Let’s Talk Carbs and Keto”

Keto and Carbs

If you’ve even peeked at anything fitness related in the last six months, chances are you’ve heard about the Keto diet. It’s all the rage. Equally so you will find people on both sides of the fence with the Keto diet. Some adamantly for it, while others will trash it. So who do you believe? What is goingContinue reading “Keto and Carbs”

Macro-nutrients and Muscle Gain

So when it comes to macro-nutrients, there is a lot of confusion around this subject as well as a lot of debate on what the right ratio is in order to maximize muscle gain.  For starters macro-nutrients is the breakdown of how you get your calories.  The three sources are carbohydrates, protein, and fat. ThereContinue reading “Macro-nutrients and Muscle Gain”

The No Carb Craze!

You don’t have to go far to see a ton of stuff talking about how if you want to get in shape you shouldn’t be eating carbs.  The Keto diet is huge right now among those who weight lift.  But is this really the best way to get those muscle gains you so desire? CarbohydratesContinue reading “The No Carb Craze!”