Chest Muscles Not Growing? (Do this!)

  If you are trying to build your chest muscles but not seeing the results you are wanting, there could be several factors at play. First off, your chest muscle is broken up into three sections. There is the upper section, the middle section, and the lower section. In order to add mass to eachContinue reading “Chest Muscles Not Growing? (Do this!)”

3 Reasons to Workout After Age 30

Sometimes when we think of working out we tend to think of young fit people, but in reality it’s even more important for those over 30 to get in the gym and start developing muscle. Let’s break it down into the top 3 reasons you should be lifting if you are over 30. Reason #1:Continue reading “3 Reasons to Workout After Age 30”

Is Your Workout Wearing You Out?

Has it ever happened to you? I know it has for me. I walk in the gym just “not feeling” it. I go through my routine, slowly moving from one workout to another. Getting in some good reps, and lifting heavy but just not pushing myself. Some days are like this, we just want toContinue reading “Is Your Workout Wearing You Out?”

Getting Past The Plateau

  First off let me talk about exactly what a plateau is and isn’t, because often times a plateau can be mistaken for just a slow down in progress. I hear a lot of people say they’ve hit a plateau because they went a week or two and didn’t gain anything, lose any body fat,Continue reading “Getting Past The Plateau”

How to Get Past Fitness Failures

  Let’s face it, failing is a part of life. It happens. Has there ever been times when you failed in your fitness journey? I know there have been plenty in mine. I’ve had times when I was trapped under weights, times when I didn’t hit the goals I had set for myself, times whenContinue reading “How to Get Past Fitness Failures”

I’m Tired of Failing

I’m tired. Yes I said it. It’s about 6:45 and I got a text from my gym buddy at about 3:45 said he was feeling under the weather and wasn’t making it. So me? I went back to bed. Now granted it’s still 6:45 so I’m still up early, but it feels late and I even haveContinue reading “I’m Tired of Failing”

What Gym Should You Pick?

When it comes to picking a gym there are a ton of options out there. You’ve got the big box gyms, the cross-fit gyms, the locally owned gyms, and even the non-traditional ‘what in the world is going on here’ gyms. While every gym has their own style, feel, and strengths, they all in essenceContinue reading “What Gym Should You Pick?”

I Want to Gain Muscle

Why is it so hard to gain muscle? Well in truth it is and it isn’t. I struggled so much in my early fitness years with trying to gain any kind of muscle mass. I was lifting every day. I knew I was getting stronger because I was lifting heavier, but my body composition justContinue reading “I Want to Gain Muscle”

How Many Calories Do you Need?

So what is that magical calorie intake number that will allow you to shed pounds?  It may feel elusive but it’s truly not.  For starters when you are trying to figure out how much to eat you have to establish your baseline.  Your baseline can be found by clicking here.  After you plug in yourContinue reading “How Many Calories Do you Need?”

Form is Everything for Muscle Building

Just yesterday I’m walking through the gym, and saw it taking place.  It’s something that bothers me, to my core.  Not because it’s some small pet peeve, but because I know when it’s happening people are robbing themselves of their own workout. There was someone doing lat pull downs, a favorite exercise of mine, butContinue reading “Form is Everything for Muscle Building”