What Your Fitness Needs to Improve

So we’ve been talking about mental strength this week, and you’ve got to have one key thing that will push you to better yourself, and will help get you in the game mentally. Someone you look up to. While none of them even know I exist, I have several people that I watch and followContinue reading “What Your Fitness Needs to Improve”

Getting Your Mind In The Game

So when we start out on our fitness journey we can think of the basics like lifting weights, changing the way we eat, maybe even changing some of the crowds we hang out with, but how often to do think about building mental muscles? You see, when your head isn’t in the game it’s hardContinue reading “Getting Your Mind In The Game”

When They Tell You “You Can’t”

You may remember the very specific day and time it happened. You were sharing your dreams or your goals with someone and when you got done they just pointed out all the reasons why it was impossible and you should probably do something else. Then that sinking feeling came over you, the one where youContinue reading “When They Tell You “You Can’t””

You Don’t Have Time to Not Workout

“I’m busy”.   It’s something I’ve heard over and over, and have even said sometimes.  Let’s face it we live in crazy fast world.  There seems to never be enough time in the day right?  What with work, our family, school, deadlines, grocery shopping, cleaning etc.  Often it’s all we can do not fall asleep beforeContinue reading “You Don’t Have Time to Not Workout”

Should I Lift Heavy to Tone?

I get told many times by clients that they don’t want to lift heavy because they don’t want to get big muscles or bulk up.  I do understand the confusion here, so let me explain how all that works. First off, lifting heavy, even very heavy will not make you get bulked or have hugeContinue reading “Should I Lift Heavy to Tone?”

Small Changes for Muscle Growth

When it comes to big changes it requires small changes over time that will develop and grow the muscles you are looking for.  The key point here is that things take time, just as Rome wasn’t built in a day neither was a chiseled body with great muscles.  There is a term for this andContinue reading “Small Changes for Muscle Growth”

Don’t Wait

There are times when know we need to do something different.  Fitness is no different.  It’s one of those things that we know deep down inside we need to change.  How often do you hear someone say “I need to get in shape”, or “I need to eat better”.  It’s something we all know deepContinue reading “Don’t Wait”

Ways to Add Muscle

So you are working out and your muscles just seem to not be growing.  You want to go from being skinny to buff and are seeing small results.  Well today we are going to talk about stretching them beyond your capacity.  Now food plays a huge role in being able to develop muscle and ifContinue reading “Ways to Add Muscle”

Time to Change

There’s 24 hours in a day.  No more, no less.  We all have the same amount of time.  This is both exciting and kind of daunting when you consider people who have done so many incredible things, because there are times when I ask myself what I’m missing.  But that’s okay.  Because it’s in thoseContinue reading “Time to Change”

When You Want to Quit

Regardless of what your goals are in life, in the gym, you will hit walls.  Those walls will hurt.  Things will be going along smooth as can be and then out of a clear blue sky that wall can smash you in the face and leave you breathless on the ground. It’s in that placeContinue reading “When You Want to Quit”