Increasing Your Personal Bests

Maybe you’ve been there, standing at the weight rack, trying to decide how much weight to add to the bar, you want to be able to say you hit a certain number, but you are worried you won’t be able to get it up. So you settle with putting on the same amount of weightContinue reading “Increasing Your Personal Bests”


Increase Your Bench Press

If you’ve been lifting for any time at all, chances are you are pushing yourself to try to get better, stronger, and yep, push more weight. This is good, but can be bad. I am all for pushing yourself to increase your lifts, heck I am constantly doing it and I want to tell youContinue reading “Increase Your Bench Press”

Should You Drink Fruit Juice?

Typically when you think of healthy you think of fruit juice right? A healthy breakfast of eggs, whole wheat toast and an ice cold orange juice to go along side. But fruit juice needs to be added to our do not drink list. Here’s the breakdown. Apple juice contains more grams of sugar per ounceContinue reading “Should You Drink Fruit Juice?”

Do Something Different With Fitness

We tend to get ourselves in a box when it comes to staying fit. Now don’t get me wrong I strongly believe in routines and habits, they are what consistently drive us to stick with our goals (you can find more about building healthy habits in our starters guide to getting fit.) But there areContinue reading “Do Something Different With Fitness”

When Your Workout Gets Boring

When we get in the gym or get out and go for that bike ride, run, swim or whatever our workout routine is, how do you feel? If you are like me there are probably days when you feel pumped and excited and other days when you’d rather just go back inside and get someContinue reading “When Your Workout Gets Boring”

Are You Working Out Hard Enough?

In Monday’s blog we talked about how it’s important to not get complacent in the gym and push ourselves harder, but how exactly do we do that? I mean it sounds good in theory but in reality how do we push harder? What does that really look like? The first step is getting outside ofContinue reading “Are You Working Out Hard Enough?”

Is Your Workout Wearing You Out?

Has it ever happened to you? I know it has for me. I walk in the gym just “not feeling” it. I go through my routine, slowly moving from one workout to another. Getting in some good reps, and lifting heavy but just not pushing myself. Some days are like this, we just want toContinue reading “Is Your Workout Wearing You Out?”

Why Diets Keep Failing You

Diets, they are all the rage right? Walk into any bookstore, browse Google, and spend anytime on social media and you will find no shortage of diet options. Some allow you to eat just about everything, some eliminate whole food groups, some only let you eat carrots and organic unicorn horns. Diets are by natureContinue reading “Why Diets Keep Failing You”

Want to Quit Your Fitness Goals?

Let’s face it. If you’ve tried getting in shape before if you’ve tried to hit those fitness goals that you’ve been striving for time and again and keep hitting that brick wall, then there is a part of you that wants to throw in the towel. That wants to quit. I mean it should beContinue reading “Want to Quit Your Fitness Goals?”