How Many Reps and Sets to Build Muscle?

  So you want to gain muscle and aren’t sure where to start with your rep range.  It seems to be a well started rumor that in order to build massive muscle you should lift heavy with low reps, and to tone lift light weight with high reps.  Well it’s a myth.  There is noContinue reading “How Many Reps and Sets to Build Muscle?”

Eating For Health

Food is not just something we down to feel good, at least it should be.  Food is a resource that we can use to mold and shape not just our bodies, but the way we feel overall, our energy levels, and our health from the inside out.  It is fuel. If you’ve got a highContinue reading “Eating For Health”

How To Build Muscle Fast

So you want to build muscle fast?  You are tired of being small and want to go from skinny to buff.  Awesome, that is a great place to be at.  The good news is, regardless of where you are starting from you can build muscle. So what are the keys to building muscle? Let’s hitContinue reading “How To Build Muscle Fast”

How to Eat For Muscle Growth

There are a lot of questions when it comes to how to eat  for building muscle.  I’ve heard some say eat whatever you want, others say eat no carbs.  The list goes on and on of what to eat or not to eat.  The truth is in addition to eating for muscle we want toContinue reading “How to Eat For Muscle Growth”