How to Eat For Muscle Gains

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When it comes to our food why do we usually eat? Because we are hungry? Or sometimes because it just looks dang good and even though we are full, we still want it? Why should we eat though? Well there are several reasons. The first is for health. I want to be healthy. Healthy now and healthy into my old age. And also I want to gain lean muscle mass. I am always striving to build more muscle.

Your reasons may look slightly different, but chances are if you are reading this, then some of those ring true. Now let’s face it, I like food too, I don’t think kale belongs in smoothies, and lima beans are at the bottom of the list for me, but there are also a lot of healthy things I love. I talk a lot about those things in my Facebook group.

I love chicken, I really do, I never was much of a beef guy, so that transition was easy. What was hard? Ice cream. I used to lay out a half gallon of ice cream in one sitting, no joke.

It took me some time to get over that one, but it didn’t come down to just more self discipline, it came down to me getting to the heart of the matter. I knew I didn’t want to look or feel like I used to, and so I knew it was either the ice cream, or something new. I chose something new.

And the crazy part? I don’t miss it. Okay sure, once on a rare occasion I do get an ice cream craving, but compared to when I first started leaving it behind, it’s like night and day.

So if you are struggling with giving up unhealthy options, pick one thing, focus on it, and then once you have that conquered move on to something else. For more on focusing on where your calories are coming from, check out this week’s episode of the podcast.

And also? Hang on to your reasoning. Write yourself a note, reminding you of the reasons and stick to it. If your reason is to build muscle, awesome! If it’s something else, that’s fine too. But find your why.


How to Quit Saying Tomorrow

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Have you ever found yourself saying, ‘tomorrow I’ll go to the gym’? How about the infamous, ‘I’ll start my new workout plan after the holidays’. In truth there will always be some reason to put off working out and going to the gym. It will never be convenient, there won’t ever be ample amount of time, and you won’t be less busy next month.

So why tell ourselves these little lies? Because it makes us feel better about ourselves thinking that we are going to do something, even if we truly have no intention of starting.

When we talk to people we can tell them how ‘we are going to be starting soon’. It allows us to save face.

Let’s face it, if you are not actually doing it, no one cares about your talk.

So what do you do? Quit putting it off. Quit making excuses. Quit waiting to feel like it. You will never feel like it and if you wait for that, the next decade will pass you by with no change. I mention in this week’s podcast how the excuses we create in our minds can keep us stuck forever if we continue to let them have their rule.

Just go. Get your ass out of bed. Go after work regardless of how tired you are. Don’t come home and sit on the couch. Change and immediately leave again. Don’t give yourself any opportunity to fall into an excuse. If you need some accountability check out our private Facebook group and get plugged into our community.

Why You’re Eating Wrong

wordswag_1536861005165What if I told you that the key to everything you want with your fitness level has to do with food.  Would you believe me?  Sure the gym is important.  Working out is important, but it’s a very small piece of the puzzle.

With that being said, there is so much information both good and bad out there about nutrition.

Starting Monday I am launching an exclusive video series talking about the do’s and don’t of food.  All you have to do is be a part of my Facebook group to watch them.

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3 Reason to Ditch the Scale

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Have you ever found yourself weighing in every day and getting frustrated at not seeing the changes you want? When you are on a fitness journey and are trying to gain muscle mass, it can be extremely frustrating to not see the numbers you want to on scale and correlating it with failure at not gaining muscle mass. It can almost become an addiction.

First let me say that I am a big proponent in weighing in from time to time when you are starting out. You don’t want to workout for six months and never step on a scale and realize you have not been on track for that length of time.

So I do recommend a once a month scale check-in just to see where you are at. But with that being said, it should not dictate your fitness journey. Here are 3 reasons to ditch the all controlling scale.

  1. It can dictate your actions too much. If you are weighing in once a week or more, you may change up your routine too soon. It takes time, Rome and your muscular body were not built in a day, so don’t fall into the trap of weighing in all the time.
  2. Is that ideal weight really ideal? Often we get stuck in our heads a certain number that we want to be and we are not happy until we do. But the goal is to be happy with our bodies and how we feel. One time I was convinced I should be a certain weight, and I made it to that weight and felt sick and bloated all the time. I realized it wasn’t my ideal weight and adjusted accordingly.
  3. Losing sight of the goal. I always talk about finding your why when it comes to your fitness goals. By focusing solely on the number on the scale we can lose sight of why we started and where we want to be.

So while yes you should weigh in once a month just to get an idea of if you are on the right path, the scale should be simply an aid in your journey not a dictator.

Your Mind Over Muscle

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When you initially think about working out and lifting weights what comes to mind? Maybe the grueling ordeal you will experience in the gym? The sweat flying as you power through rep after rep after rep. This is definitely a part of it. But is it everything?

You have to have a mental strength in order to walk in that gym in the first place. We have to view it as your training ground. Just stepping through the door isn’t going to do anything for you. It takes grit, tenacity, and mental strength to walk in and know it’s time to work.

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Does this mean that you’re going to feel like it and get pumped every time? Hell no. There are days when you are going to feel like puking the whole time, or where all you can think about is sleep. But you know what? Suck it up buttercup. This is one thing at Bones to Bulk that I talk on all the time, it takes work. If this was easy everyone would be walking around with a six pack and bulging biceps. No one said this would be easy.

When you set out to change yourself in any aspect of life regardless of what area, it’s hard. It’s tough, it’s challenging and that’s exactly what makes us better and stronger. It’s not about being in the gym a certain amount of time. It’s about going until you literally cannot go anymore. Give your all in the gym. If you give it your all, it will give you what you seek in return.

Want to Quit Your Fitness Goals?

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Let’s face it. If you’ve tried getting in shape before if you’ve tried to hit those fitness goals that you’ve been striving for time and again and keep hitting that brick wall, then there is a part of you that wants to throw in the towel. That wants to quit. I mean it should be this hard to gain muscle, lose body fat, or get fit right?

But it is hard. If it was easy everyone would be doing it right? Sure that line sounds good in theory but when you are busting your butt day in and day out and not seeing results you want to strangle whoever came up with that saying.

I get it. I really do. Just because I live and breath fitness doesn’t mean I haven’t had those times, or even still have those days where I just want to throw my hands up and walk away.

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I realized something though. Sure we can throw our hands up in dismay, tell ourselves that we gave it a shot, and go back to the old version of ourselves. But here’s the kicker. We want to change that old version of our self. We know what that old self looks like, know it’s not enough for us.

What is enough is changing things up. If it doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean it’s over and done, that means try something new, keep working, keep grinding, keep sweating, and keep busting butt until you start to re-create yourself into the version you want. If you haven’t checked out our programs they can help you get there. Find them at our website.

Exercises You Should Be Doing

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So when it comes to your workouts, what exactly should you be doing? After all there is a lot of equipment and workout programs out there. There certainly are and a quick stroll through a gym and you will see a ton of different varieties of workouts that people are doing. So what are some musts when it comes to lifting?

For starters you want a well rounded routine. Don’t focus only on one muscle group, but hit all of them and do different muscle groups on different days. Legs, chest, bicep and tricep, back and shoulder. But one thing that keeps you solid is your core.

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 Most of your strength stems from your core. Lower back pain, poor posture, and weakness can all stem from a weak core. So if I had to pick one thing to work on, it would be core. Any abdominal workout is going to target your core, sit ups, planks, stretches that target your core, squats (can’t say enough about these except DO THEM!)

As you improve your core you will find that your strength will increase in many of your other exercises as well. So don’t neglect it! Find more at our website.