How to Get Past Fitness Failures

  Let’s face it, failing is a part of life. It happens. Has there ever been times when you failed in your fitness journey? I know there have been plenty in mine. I’ve had times when I was trapped under weights, times when I didn’t hit the goals I had set for myself, times whenContinue reading “How to Get Past Fitness Failures”

Pushing Through Muscle Plateaus

There comes an inevitable point if you’ve been working out for any length of time that you hit a plateau.  Whether this is in your muscle gain phase or weight loss phase, it’s bound to happen.  The first thing to remember is “don’t get frustrated”.  Just the fact that you are hitting a plateau means thatContinue reading “Pushing Through Muscle Plateaus”

Prove It

  I believe there is voice inside that is always calling to us, to be better, to rise to the occasion.  We are told by a lot of our society to blend in, fit in, and just do enough to get by.  That being content with where you are at is all that is needed. Continue reading “Prove It”