Why Age Is Not An Excuse

When it comes to working out does age really play a role? Should it? While there are a few things to keep in mind about working out as we get older, the answer to the questions is an affirmative ‘yes’. Thinking that it’s too late to start or that you are too far gone isContinue reading “Why Age Is Not An Excuse”

Form is Everything for Muscle Building

Just yesterday I’m walking through the gym, and saw it taking place.  It’s something that bothers me, to my core.  Not because it’s some small pet peeve, but because I know when it’s happening people are robbing themselves of their own workout. There was someone doing lat pull downs, a favorite exercise of mine, butContinue reading “Form is Everything for Muscle Building”

Can Motivation Build Muscles?

When it comes to motivation we need it to get in shape right?  After all it’s what drives us and gets our butts to the gym when we don’t want to go.  Or does it? Motivation is kind of like gas in our car.  It can only go so far before it needs a fillContinue reading “Can Motivation Build Muscles?”

Can Building Muscle Help Lose Weight?

Can building muscle help you lose weight? Absolutely.  For every 10 pounds of fat you burn 500 more calories each day.  Added up over a week you have burned 3500 extra calories.  This puts your body in a deficit.  Which leads to you losing one pound per week. Now as you begin to gain muscleContinue reading “Can Building Muscle Help Lose Weight?”